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  • Order Management Overview

    Here we will show you how to access your order records and then filter, edit, or find information on an order or customer. How to View Your Order Records To start, you can find your order records by

  • How to Add or Change a Product Image

    Adding a product image to your offer is a great way to give your customers a look at what they are buying. This could be a picture of the actual product, or a graphic that helps showcase the value of

  • How to Connect Spiffy to Your Keap Account

    Connecting Spiffy with your Keap account is simple and easy, with our native integration. With the help of Spiffy's powerful integration to Keap, your customer information and order details will be se

  • How to Add a Marketing Consent Checkbox to a Checkout

    Adding a Marketing Consent checkbox to your Spiffy checkout page is quick and easy to do in the Checkout Editor. NOTE: If you are wanting to add a marketing consent checkbox, but not include a Terms

  • Adding a Subscription to an Existing Checkout

    A common question we get asked, is if Spiffy has the ability to add a subscription to an existing checkout offer. This is commonly used when creating bundle offers that include a one-time offer,

  • Keap Integration Overview

    Integrating your Keap account with your Spiffy account is quick and simple! Once you have integrated with Keap, Spiffy will automatically send customer data to Keap(First & Last Name, Email and

  • How to Add a Header and Create a Branded Checkout

    Adding a header to your checkout will create a professional looking checkout experience for your customers. Adding a header will allow you to upload your logo to white-background section at the top

  • How to Offer Lifetime Deals on Subscriptions

    With Spiffy, you can set up an offer that either gives your customer the option to pay once, or to set up a recurring subscription. In this tutorial, we will cover the following: Initial Checkout and

  • How to connect a new Stripe account

    If your Stripe account is disconnected, you will see a big bold red notification bar at the top of your Spiffy account. (Note: You will only see this if BOTH your Stripe and PayPal accounts are not co

  • Infusionsoft Integration Overview

    Integrating your Infusionsoft account with your Spiffy account is quick and simple! Once you have integrated with Infusionsoft, Spiffy will automatically send customer data to Infusionsoft (First &

  • Discounts - How to Create, Edit and Modify

    How to Create Discounts per Checkout While in the editor, creating your checkout page, navigate to the Offer tab. At the bottom of this page is where you can create your discounts. You cannot edit

  • Facebook Conversion Pixel (Conversion API)

    With the increase in ad blockers and cookie tracking blockers, simple, cookie based tracking is becoming less and less reliable. Spiffy gives you the ability to now connect with Facebook's Conversion

  • Hubspot Timeline Events & Workflow Overview

    With the HubSpot integration, Spiffy automatically sends over timeline events such as: orders being placed, subscriptions starting and billing events, such as failed payments or updated payment

  • ​Making Your Checkouts GDPR Compliant

    Spiffy gives you the ability to make your Checkouts GDPR compliant, by configuring some simple settings that can be found from within each Checkout. GDPR Regulations require that you include required

  • Filtering Your Sales Data

    Spiffy provides the ability for you to view your sales data from your Spiffy Checkouts, broken down into a few important lists. These lists include: Orders, Customers, Subscriptions, Payment Plans &

  • How to Connect a Stripe Account

    Connecting your Stripe account with Spiffy is easy. (If you do not yet have a Stripe account, you can set it up through this process as well.) When you create your Spiffy account, you will be guided

  • Can I Set Up Shipping Fees On A Checkout

    With Spiffy, you can set up flat rate shipping options, using our 'Options' block in the checkout editor. Spiffy doesn't currently support dynamic shipping costs based on address, so take this into

  • Infusionsoft: Connecting Spiffy and Infusionsoft with Zapier

    This video tutorial will show how to connect Spiffy to Infusionsoft with Zapier. This video will go over everything you need to set up this Zap. 1.) Setting up the webook 2.) Adding the webhook to you

  • How to Exclude Countries on a Checkout

    Spiffy allows you to easily exclude countries from a checkouts address blocks. The settings for excluding countries on a checkout are set up on a per-checkout basis. This is not an account level

  • Creating a Free Trial Subscription

    Spiffy makes it easy to offer a free trial on a Subscription product. This guide will quickly show you how to both add and remove a free trial on a Subscription. To get started, you'll either need to

  • Creating a Paid Trial Subscription

    If you're looking to offer a Subscription with a paid trial to your buyers, Spiffy makes the process easy! This is great in situations where you want to offer a discounted first leg of a

  • Introduction to Spiffy Reports

    Spiffy is proud to announce that we have started rolling out useful reporting features into the application! Currently, we have 3 reports available, but over the next year, we will be expanding on