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  • Taxes by Spiffy - How To Guide

    Taxes by Spiffy is designed to be a quick and easy solution to start charging sales tax on checkouts. If you set up your taxable country as United States, you will be able to select all of the states

  • How to Charge Tax with Spiffy Checkout

    There are two different ways to charge tax for your products and services with Spiffy Use our Taxes by Spiffy solution Integrate with third-party TaxJar for more advanced reporting and filing To

  • Can I Charge Value Added Tax (VAT) with Spiffy

    Yes, you can charge VAT with Spiffy! We have 2 ways to do this: either through TaxJar or our Taxes by Spiffy. To read more about how you can charge tax, check this article Got a question? Send us an

  • TaxJar - How to Guide

    TaxJar is a third-party tax calculation and reporting app that you can integrate with Spiffy Checkouts. It has more advanced tax reporting and filing capabilities that are well-suited for companies

  • Change/Swap Customer Subscription

    In some instances, you may need to change your customer's subscription plan. Often times, this is needed when a customer requests to go from a monthly plan to an annual plan, or vice versa. You can

  • Can I Charge Tax For an Upsell Product

    Yes, if you have connected your TaxJar account or Taxes by Spiffy, you will be able to enable tax on your upsell products from within the Spiffy Checkout Editor. You can follow below steps to charge

  • How To Charge Tax for a Subscription Product with Spiffy Checkout

    You can charge sales tax on your subscription products with Spiffy Checkout. Spiffy's built in integration with TaxJar allows you to charge sales tax on subscription products with ease. The first

  • How to Connect Spiffy and Quick Books Online (QBO)

    Great Question! Yes, paying taxes is important. Connecting Spiffy and Quick Books Online is not the most optimal solution, however. You will actually want to directly connect your Stripe account with

  • How to Connect Spiffy with Xero Accounting Software

    Great Question! Yes, paying taxes is important.  Connecting Spiffy and Xero is not the most optimal solution. You'll actually want to directly connect your Stripe account with Xero because Stripe will

  • Subscription Plan Management

    Spiffy comes equipped with a number of powerful admin management features, like skipping payments, changing subscription plans, billing management, and cancellations Spiffy also includes some history

  • Order Summary Item Management Overview

    In this quick overview video, we will take a look at how you manage items in your checkout's order summary. This overview video will show you how to add additional items to your order as well. Lets

  • What is Billing Address Optimized Layout?

    The Optimized Layout for Address Fields The Optimized Layout is a streamlined layout for the address fields on your checkout. By default Optimized Layout is turned "ON". This is important for a

  • Introduction to Spiffy Reports

    Spiffy is proud to announce that we have started rolling out useful reporting features into the application! Currently, we have 4 reports available, but over the next year, we will be expanding on

  • Custom Webhooks Overview

    Spiffy is happy to share that you can now use custom webhooks in your automation! In the past, we offered the ability to use Zapier webhooks, but after hearing your feedback, we now offer the ability

  • Payment Receipts and Order Confirmation Emails

    Spiffy offers the option to automatically deliver simple order confirmation and payment receipt emails. When enabled, Spiffy can deliver a nice, simple email with a link to their order and payment